The purpose of this module is to give you some knowledge and tools to lead yourself and help you make holistic decisions in your careers - and lives. Because the truth is,  no matter what moder leadership literature you read or course you take, the message is going to be that you need to be able to lead yourself to lead others. We believe self-leadership is one of the foundations for grit - core competence #5. Why? Because grit is most commonly defined as a combination of perseverance and passion, which becomes easier to visualize and act on if you know what you value and why. For this reason we’ve partnered up with Self-Leaders that will provide you with an awesome tool and exercises that you can do with your team members!

Some questions to get you started

  • What does grit mean for you, both in general and in your everyday life?
  • What are your strengths in regards to this core competence? What do you need to practice?
  • Is grit a quality you’re born with, or can you practice and get better at it?
  • What is the difference between management and leadership?
  • Is leadership in the context of sustainability different than in other contexts? How? Why?
  • What tools or frameworks do you know of that can help you  better understand leadership?


For this module we'd like you to:

1.Check out the inspiration and resources below: think about what leadership means to you - and in the context of sustainability.

2.Download the instructions for module 3: read the information provided by Self-Leaders and follow the instructions. There is a link to access their tool Valuestree. All training resources are provided as you sign up to be a part of the training.

3.Gather your team: share and reflect together using the questions by Self-Leaders. Openness and sharing builds trust, which is a good point of departure for good teamwork.

More resources and inspiration

  • Youtube video explaining “Grit”, popularized by the psychologist Angela Duckworth
  • Youtube video by HBR on how to find grit in a crisis, where psychologist Angela Duckworth is interviewed.
  • Youtube video with an Inspirational speech by Simon Sinek
  • We like to refer to a couple of leadership models that can help you to think about leadership from different angles - maybe you have some too?
    • The Four Frame model by Lee G Bolman, Terrence E Deal, check out this introduction.
    • Theory U, a change leadership model by Otto Scharmer, check out this Tedtalk
    • Self determination theory on leadership (and human needs) by Edward L. Deci and Richard Ryan, check out an interview with Deci.



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Victoria Hellsten, Head of Learning Experience at ASAP

"In order to lead others and lead the change you want to see, you need to lead yourself. Ultimately it's about being sustainable also as an individual. That's why knowing your values is a good start."


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