The purpose of this training module is to build a solid knowledge foundation about food, farms and forests through a sustainability lens, and encourage you to practice core competence #1 - Global & Systemic mindset.

A global and systemic mindset is all about the ability to always use a systems thinking approach. Systems thinking is particularly useful in addressing complex or wicked problem situations, like to shape a sustainable food system.

Some questions to get you started:

  • What does a Global & Systemic Mindset mean for you, both in general and in your everyday life?
  • What are your strengths in regards to this core competence? What do you need to practice?
  • Would you be able to explain systems thinking to a fellow student?
  • What do you actually know regarding the reality of food, farms and forests in Sweden?


For this module we ask you to:

Watch: The live recording of the ASAP Kickoff 2020 on Youtube AND the Q&A with Jens Berggren, Sustainability Expert at LRF. Links will be provided when you sign up.

NOTE: If you participated live at the ASAP Kickoff 2020 on September 24th you can go directly to the Progress form and check off this module.

More resources and inspiration:

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Victoria Hellsten, Head of Learning Experience at ASAP

“As a sustainability leader you need to know your facts. How can we solve problems and create change if we base it one old assumptions? ”


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