26 Nov 2018

The winning solution!

The ASAP participants have been working on their case solutions for two weeks and today we saw the result. They presented their solutions at the partner's head quarters and three finalist teams were chosen to present their solutions to the external jury at the ASAP finale. The competent jury watched the pitches, they discussed the solutions and they decided a winner - the solution with potential to create the most impact! 

Scania Mundus - The Clean Fleet

Team members: Aman Kapoor, Jonathan Sigvant, Ida Pehrson, Joanna Krol

There is a huge opportunity for Scania, not only to reduce the fossil fuels, by aiding towards biogas production in India, also by addressing challenges as waste management systems. Innovation of Scania Mundus – Clean Fleet project promotes a unique transport solution for people and their household waste. The idea is to make organic waste disposal more accessible and providing an incentive for people to aid in biogas production. The citizens contributing to the collection of food waste, exchange it for transit credit to use in the public transport. Implementing an extra module unit on the bus where you recycle the organic waste will call for partnership. This project will impact goals such as fighting climate change, water and sanitation, health and wellbeing as well as other pressing issues.

Photo by Sofia Lindblom

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