12 Nov 2018

The boot camp week!

This week a diverse team of 48 students met up in Stockholm for ASAP, Sweden's first sustainability accelerator for students and what a week it has been! The days were filled from morning to night with case challenges, critical thinking and so many interesting questions and speeches. So if you weren't at the Boot Camp or even if you were there and is already missing it, here's the story of the boot camp devoted to accelerating sustainable development!


A day with Nordea

This was such an exciting day, the 48 amazing student from north to south were finally going to get to work and put their expertise and diversity to use at Nordeas office. During the day they met with amazing people from Nordea's team, Tabitha Cooper, Sasja Beslik and Per Bengtsson to mention a few. Subjects such as sustainable investment, financial crime and cultural shifts were discussed during the day and the students showed a wide range of perspectives and critical thinking which challenged prevailing structures.


A day with Samsung

What a day! Our students started with a crash course in exponential tech. Great speakers like Elin Wallberg, Corporate Citizenship and Partners Manager and Annachiara Torciano, Director Sustainability Europe and Corporate Affairs Nordic then guided us through Samsung's sustainability work. As we continued to dig deeper into the sustainability challenges that the tech industry face today the topics ranged from mining to education to healthy use of technology. But the visit to Samsung wasn't over before everyone got to experience a tech safari (VR-stuff, pretty cool) and a workshop about human centered design! 


A day with Scania

Imaging driving a 60 ton heavy vehicle, would you be up for the task? Well the students actually got the opportunity to do just this and managed it perfectly. But of course the day didn’t stop there, the students went on to learn about different areas of Scania's business strategy and the profit in shifting to more sustainable solutions. Andreas Follér - Head of Sustainability was first out and presented a holistic view on Scania's sustainability progress. The presentation didn't go without some questions from the sharp group of students, which shows they are already on the way to become successful sustainability leaders.


Ecolabeling Sweden's day

The last day was spent at Ecolabelings Sweden's office. Ragnar Unge, CEO for Ecolabeling Sweden introduced the day with a throwback to 1989 when Ecolabeling Sweden was founded. The morning continued with a session to dive deep into the special "ASAP - tool box", hosted by Rebecka Carlsson, Head of Learning Experience for ASAP. Each tool and advice has been carefully selected to power sustainable solutions and be applied to the case competition that follows after the boot camp! In the afternoon the students took the tool box and started working on their case. It was obvious that everybody were eager to get started and get creative. The best thing is, in only two weeks we will see 12 pitches for a better future, how exciting is that?


The ASAP movement

Sustainable development is defined as ‘meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own need’. We know that the environmental challenges are so big that we can no longer continue business as usual. Luckily we are in an era where we have the innovation, the education and a movement for change. But we still need bold leaders who provoke the system and enable change. We need leaders with new perspectives who can step out of the comfort zone, step out of old business models and rethink our future!


This week 48 courageous students not only listened and learned about how Nordea, Samsung and Scania work with sustainability, they challenged structures with questions and brought in new perspectives. And the lessons learned on both sides will have amazing ripple effects!

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