6 Nov 2018

SJ is an environmentally friendly travel partner

We strive to make the most sustainable choices throughout ASAP, and choosing SJ as our travel partner was an easy choice. Let us tell you briefly about what difference it makes to choose an environmentally certified train ride to your next destination. The blog post is written by the ASAP team and we hope you like it! 

On November 6th, 48 students selected to participate in ASAP will travel to Stockholm for the sustainability boot camp and an intense learning experience. We strive to make the most sustainable choices throughout the project and that’s why we were pleased when SJ wanted to become our travel partner. Did you know a flight between Stockholm and Gothenburg has 50 000 higher CO2-emissions than a train ride? That’s insane. Our students come from all over Sweden, from Lund in the south to Luleå in the North. If they went to Stockholm by plane, the joint CO2 emissions from their journeys would be immense. That’s why we are happy to say that thanks to SJ, all our students will travel by train!

Right now, many of our students are sitting on an SJ train, hopefully enjoying the scenery or greyish blur that Sweden usually offers in November. But at least they can enjoy the organic coffee from the bistro. Soon, they will all arrive in Stockholm and the boot camp can begin. SJ are not only proud partners to ASAP, they continuously work to provide sustainable travel options for all students. Discounts on all train tickets and cheaper coffee is great for students who often have a limited budget, but SJ also provides students with career opportunities through a trainee program, internship possibilities and thesis projects. That way you can choose SJ both for getting you to your next destination and starting your career! 

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