12 Sep 2018

Tech can support quality education: Global Goal #4

Quality education is one of the Global Goals and a corner-stone of a sustainable and prosperous society. What and how we need to learn is in constant change and we were curious about how technology can support our way of learning, so we wrote a blog post. The text is written by ASAP’s project team, based on information and experience shared directly from Samsung.

Let’s start with some good news: basic literacy skills have improved over the last years and in 2015 91% of all children worldwide were enrolled in primary education, compared to 85% in 2000. However, there is still work to be done in order to reach the Global Goal #4: Quality education. For example, girls and children from rural areas are still underrepresented in the statistics. High-quality education is essential for a high-quality life, and investments in education can help break the cycle of poverty and inequalities for marginalised groups.

Elin Wallberg, Nordic Corporate Citizenship & Partnerships Manager

“New technical solutions and digital tools have the potential to increase both access and quality of education, for example by allowing individualized learning on a large scale”

One of the 10 sub-targets to make sure that we meet Global Goal #4 by 2030 is that all boys and girls should complete free and qualitative secondary education. Samsung has initiated the Smart School Program to combine modern technology and traditional theory of education. Through the program, Samsung bridges the IT accessibility gap and provides schools with interactive education adapted to local needs. The initiative has supported over 3,000 schools and 1.4 million children.

Technology has great potential to be used as an enabler for Global Goal #4. It’s important to remember that the SDGs are integrated and indivisible, which means that no goal exists in isolation. Working towards one goal will impact others, thus quality education could also have positive effects on women empowerment and gender equality (Global Goal #5) as well as No poverty (Global Goal #1).

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