17 Oct 2018

Samsung empower digital skills for a connected future

Today’s children are growing up in a digitalized and connected world, much different than just a few decades ago. We (the ASAP team!) knew Samsung are working on giving children the right tools for the future, so we asked them to write a blog post and give some examples of how this is done. Enjoy!

The world is changing in a rapidly pace and the technological development is exponential. A study states that “half of today’s work activities could be automated by 2055, but this could happen up to 20 years earlier or later depending on the various factors” which means that the majority of today’s grade school kids will end up doing work that has yet to be invented. If these forecasts are right about the future, how do we secure that our future generations get the right tools and skills that will be needed in a future hyper connected and digital society?

Though question, right? One of Samsung’s approaches is to provide access to technology to support quality education for children and youth, to let them build solid skills for the digital era. However, to be a skilled users is not enough, Samsung wants everyone to see themselves as possible creators of technology and to understand what the digital transformation means for us as individuals and for the society as a whole. To work on this complex area, we act in the spirit of Open Innovation and partner up with experts and organizations who shares our passion. Here are some examples! 

“The majority of today’s grade school kids will end up doing work that has yet to be invented”

Mehackit is a Finnish social enterprise who’s vision is to democratize access to technology by empowering young people and their future skills. They leverage and contribute to open source technologies and their creativity is used for teaching and learning. By using creative components from music and arts, Mehackit’s instructors teaches children (in over 100 schools all over Finland!) creativity, programming and coding in a fun and interactive way.

The non-profit organization Laer Kidsa Koding (Teach Children to Code) reaches more than 100.000 kids across Norway. They give kids and youth the possibility to learn coding by a national volunteer network of 160 local coding clubs. That is democratizing digital skills!

In Sweden, Samsung initiated a three-year research project The possibilities with digital learning with ATEA, Gleerups and research team from Örebro University. Our aim was to create new insights in what new learning environments can look like when digitized. The answer? Well, digital technologies can mean a lot to support quality education, in particular when adapted to individual needs. However, technology is seldom the goal, just a mean to get there. Having the right skill set is most important.

By teaming up and co-create with partners that possess other areas of expertise than ourselves, we hope to secure future tech skills and prepare the next generations for a hyper connected and digital society that serves us all!

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