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When you visit asap2030.com and use our services, such as subscribe to mailing lists, sign up for the accelerator program/competition , then you entrust your personal information to us. Of course, we take care of them in the best possible way! In this policy, we explain why, what information we store, how we use it, and how long we store it for. Please contact us if you have any questions

ASAP - A Sustainability Acceleration Project is a joint project by Sustainergies and Ecolabelling Sweden.


About the information we store

When you sign up for our newsletters and invitations, or submit an application to us, we will save your personal information based on the consent you give us. For example, we may save your name, email address and information about your studies to provide you with the appropriate news and information. To complete the qualification process for the accelerator program/competition, we may need more information about your background, studies and interests and ask for your CV. We always try to limit the amount of personal information we store about you so that we only handle enough to present you as a good candidate. If you contact us via email or phone, we can save the information you provide us with to ensure good service.


How we use the information

The information we store is used to provide you with communications regarding your interests, such as news, information about the accelerator program/competition, Sustainergies, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, or our partners. If you have submitted an application, the information you provided will be used for the qualification process and to contact you in connection to this process.


How long we store information

If you have signed up for our communications, your email address will be stored until you end your subscription. If you have submitted an application for the accelerator program/competition to us, your personal information will be stored for up to a year. If your application has been approved, some personal information may be stored longer to allow any follow ups, or to comply with legal and accounting requirements.


How we share information

We never disclose your personal information without your consent. In qualification processes, any personal information supplied in your application, may be shared with ASAP’s partners. However, no partner has the right to use this information, for example to add you to their own mailing lists, etc., without first requesting your consent.


How to manage and update your personal information

In every communication, there is a direct link for you to change, update or remove your personal information from our newsletter and mailing lists. If you remove your information, you will no longer be able to get our news and assignment offers. Personal information supplied in applications to accelerator program/competition, can always be updated or changed by contacting hello@asap2030.com. To completely remove your personal information from an application also means withdrawing the application and abandoning the qualification process. If you have any questions regarding our handling of your personal information, please feel free to contact us. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our response, or feel that we do not handle your personal information in accordance with current legislation, you can always contact The Swedish Data Protection Authority for advice.


How we work with information security

We always strive to handle your personal information in a responsible way and train all our employees in proper data management. We also verify that all our system vendors comply with laws and regulations, and use secure solutions to protect your information. In addition, we also try to help our partners and contractors, who may take over the responsibility for your personal information in connection to recruitment, to live up to the same high expectations we strive for.


Use of cookies

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Our cookies improve your access to our site. Our use of cookies is generally not linked to personally identifiable information on our site.



This policy is continually updated to reflect any changes to our routines or to legislation.

Last updated: 2018-06-14