A diverse team of sustainability leaders

We're really proud to present 48 students from all over all over Sweden and from all academic disciplines. Even though they are a diverse group, they have one thing in common - they are future sustainability leaders! They will participate in ASAP 2018 and go through an intense boot camp to strengthen their abilities to accelerate sustainable development, and then compete in the case challenge with ideas that can make a meaningful impact in our partner's industries.

Get to know the participants now and follow #ASAP2030 to learn more about their experiences and results!

Moa Berglund

Linköping University, MSc in Design and Product development

That it is one of our times most important and complex questions, with so many different aspects and perspectives.

Johanna Kästel

Linköping University, Master of Science in Energy-Environment-Management

The possibility to make an impact, to contribute to changes that will matter for a sustainable future.

Alice Hedén

Uppsala University , Master's Programme in Religion in Peace and Conflict

Sustainability connects people from all over the world, from various areas of educations, professions, and backgrounds- all towards a common goal. That is powerful and very exciting!

Jean Claude Muganza

Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU), Master program in Sustainable Food Systems

When I think about sustainability I feel a sense of grit to strive for sustainable development, having society which meets their needs but without compromising the needs of future generation is of big concern to me. That's why I am very keen to bring changes in today's food production system.

Keteki Anand

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, M.Sc Sustainable Technology

Through sustainability, we can drive a shift towards creating our ecosystem more stable for all living beings.

Sofia Puman

Linköping University, Master of Science in Business and Economics

For me, sustainability is all about cooperation. A collaboration between everything on earth. What also makes me excited is that even a hummingbird can help put out a fire.

Adithya H. Vangari

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Industrial Management

What excites me about sustainability is its potential to redefine numerous socio-economic factors. I believe sustainability is the key to the next billion dollars idea!

Sofia Ellström

Jönköping University, Sustainable Enterprise Development

What makes me most excited about sustainability is that many of our current problems can so easily be turned into solutions

Hannes Kärrman

Södertörns University , MSc leadership and sustainable development

If we look at the the current situation in the world there are many areas that need to incorporate a sustainability mindset. It is both daunting as much as it is exciting. Although the challenges are great there are still so much we can make meaningful contributions for a sustainable future. It makes me excited to get out and make an impact!

Judith Frempomaa, Lund university

I am passionate about supply chains and how to combat human rights violations within them.

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