A diverse team of sustainability leaders

We're really proud to present 48 students from all over all over Sweden and from all academic disciplines. Even though they are a diverse group, they have one thing in common - they are future sustainability leaders! They will participate in ASAP 2018 and go through an intense boot camp to strengthen their abilities to accelerate sustainable development, and then compete in the case challenge with ideas that can make a meaningful impact in our partner's industries.

Get to know the participants now and follow #ASAP2030 to learn more about their experiences and results!

Max Whitman

Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU), Environmental studies

Preserving nature and fighting climate change has become my goal. How to do that in a collaborative way occupies my mind.

Raquel Souza Coelho

University of Gothenburg , Social Work

My passion is social change and finding new sustainable ways to improve living conditions of vulnerable communities.

Staffan Alsparr

Stockholm University, Languages and literature

I strive for envisioning a sustainable society based on interdisciplinary cooperation, mutual understanding and humility.

Ulrika Hafström

Lund University, BSc in Urban and Regional Planning

Sustainability forces us to reject old beliefs about life and reimagine our purpose in this world!

Endang Ashfiya

Lund University, M.Sc. in Strategic Communication

Thinking of sustainability is all about collaboration, creativity, and communication in achieving the common goals.

Ida Pehrson

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Environmental studies

I'm passionate about all the future challenges to achieve the SDGs and create a more equal and sustainable world.

Daniela Andrade

SLU - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Masters program in Rural Development and Natural Resource Management

Sustainability is all about the development of multidisciplinary strategies. The complexity of that holistic vision fascinates me. I have especial interest in the link between the social dimension, food security and animals' health and welfare.

Alexander Harrucksteiner

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Engineering and technology

I am passionate about renewable energy technologies and how to further promote them.

Felicia Gustafsson

Lund University , MSc in Sustainable Service Management

The potential for people from all over with different skills and experiences collaborating towards a sustainable future!

Romane Boyer

Malmö University, Global Politics

I am passionnated about the challenge of establishing a global management of resources on a circular model.

Lode van der Velde

Stockholms University, Geography

My sustainability passion lies with health related issues and the way personal wellbeing is the driver for all change.

John Brugge

Uppsala Universitet Campus Gotland, MSc Sustainable Management

Let's conserve the planet, develop a good and sustainable society, and make the world a better place for everyone!

Lovisa Göransson Ording

Örebro University, Business Administration & Informatics

I am passionate about responsible consumption and food challenges by interfacing knowledge and technology.

Franziska Traurig

Stockholm University, Languages and literature

I am passionate about the preservation of biological diversity because there is no Planet B.

Martina Kaplanova

Stockholm School of Economics , Economics

I am passionate about the efficiency of land and food systems and food-waste elimination.

Sofia Jonsson

University of Warsaw, Psychology

I am excited about the idea of connecting people by raising interdisciplinary awareness of pro-environmental behaviour!

Aman Kapoor

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Environmental studies

I am interested in behavioural studies of individual actions towards a sustainable lifestyle!

Denisa Leonte

Malmö University, Sociology

I am interested in environmental and social justice and tactics for changing consumption behaviour for sustainability.

Emmy Pater

Uppsala University, MSc Sustainable Development

Sustainability gives us the opportunity to bring the best out of ourselves and the world around us, to create circumstances in which people and nature thrive.

Jonathan Sigvant

Uppsala University, Engineering and technology

I'm passionate about the global water crisis and to find a solution together through the sustainable transition

Joanna Krol

Stockholms University, Business and administration

I am passionate about supply chains and how to combat human rights violations within them.

Anna Johansson

Stockholm University, Anthropology

I want to explore circular economy-solutions and new ways of thinking about natural resources, consumption and time.

Ramprasad Neethiraj

Stockholm University, Biology

My passion is to create a world that we, and our future generations, would want to live in.

Peter Nordström

Umeå University, Master of Science Programme in Engineering Physics

The most exciting part of sustainability is to find new ways in which we can get more people to care for a better future

Joakim Kämpe

Luleå University of Technology (LTU), Political science

We can never truly succeed unless we re-think profit. I want to see everyone onboard the sustainability train!

Stanzi Litjens

Lund University, Environmental studies

I am passionate about sustainable business models that create shared value instead of depleting the earth.

Leo Wezelius

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Computer science

I am passionate about sustainable modes of transport and sustainable investments

Celina Hinzmann

Umeå University, Economics

I am passionate about finding sustainable ways in business operations to maintain the earth for future generations.

Mikael Bergmark

Lund University, Engineering and technology

Renewable energy energizes me. I want to be the bridge between invention and implementation of sustainable energy.

Bethany Jenkins

Jönköping University , Economics

To create a shift in attitudes so producers are held accountable for their actions, where blame is not on individuals.

Julia Wünsche

Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU), Agricultural sciences

I am passionate about sustainability in the food chain and how we can feed the growing world’s population

Saverio Lapini

Stockholm School of Economics, Business & Management

A sustainable revolution has the power to change the way we all live our lives, for the better.

André Dutra

Uppsala University , Environmental studies

I'm passionate about transportation policies and how a sustainable transport can decrease inequality in the world.

Emmy Bergman

Linköpings universitet , MSc Industrial Engineering and Management

Knowing that we, the younger generation, have the passion, force and knowledge to repair the previous generations neglect makes me excited and hopeful.

Josefine Ramn

Luleå University of Technology (LTU) , Engineering and technology

I am passionate about sustainable product development and how it contributes to reducing the emissions.

Jessica James

Lund University, Social Sciences

I am interested in altering perceptions surrounding sustainability and shifting consumer habits.

Oskar Vågerö

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Engineering and technology

I'm passionated in sustainability, first and foremost in how we can assure clean energy for EVERYONE in our shared world

Andreas Lennartsson

Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU), Business and administration

How pushing sustainability efforts can lead to sustainable economic growth for corporations and economies.

Reka Tolg

Lund University, Business and administration

My passion for sustainability lies in how to build better consumer awareness through marketing campaigns.

Helena Fechner

Jönköping University, MSc Global Management

That if we all work together, we can create a responsible future for individuals, the society and the planet as a whole.

Tanyew Singer

Uppsala Universitet, MSc Sustainable Development

It’s like time traveling! Analyzing complex systems in different dimensions will enable us to create a wonderful future!

Shanmuga Kumar Suruliappan Magudapathy

Chalmers University of Technology, MSc. Production Engineering

On a life mission to protect and improve the quality of my home, our only home - the Earth. <3

Alessandro Corbo

Royal Institute of Technology, M.Sc. Environmental Engineering

Sustainability is a process which requires the interaction between different stakeholders. What makes me exited about sustainability is exactly this interaction.

Maria Björk

Copenhagen Business School/ HEC Lausanne, Business and administration

Plastic pollution and the air traffic how partnerships among corporations can impact those questions

Simbarashe Takawira

Linneaus University , Business and administration

I have a strong passion about minimizing wastage through recycling and remanufacturing

Islam Aly

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Engineering and technology

I’ve dedicated my career to achieve SDG 11, and I work for sustainability through data, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Benjamin van Dam

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Engineering and technology

I am very passionate about reversing climate change. A project that will require extraordinary global teamwork.

Daniel Iggström

Lund University, Engineering and technology

My fascination lies in the future of energy systems. They will be cleaner and smarter and we will all benefit from this!

Judith Frempomaa, Lund university

I am passionate about supply chains and how to combat human rights violations within them.

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