30 Oct 2018

Meet the Head of Sustainable Finance at Nordea

Everyone has a different motivation to work with sustainability. We wanted to ask Sasja Beslik, Head of Sustainable Finance investments at Nordea about his background and passions. If you want to know more about him and his work, just follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter! The text is written by the ASAP team. 


Name: Sajsa Beslik
Title: Head of Sustainable Finance, Nordea
Bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Economics, Stockholm University
Time at Nordea:
9 years

What do you do at Nordea? I was responsible for creating the department of Sustainable Finance and now lead a team of 20 people  who focus on investments, lending and advisory solutions from a sustainability perspective. I’m also in the senior executive team, responsible for bringing the sustainability issues to the agenda.

What motivates you to work with sustainability? My motivation is the same as when I was a young journalist - I want to make a difference. The finance sector presents that possibility since it has the biggest and most global power. I want to make people understand the basics of economics, the root cause of the problem and the sense of urgency! The claim that responsible investment gives lower returns than others is just bullshit.

Tell us about the Sustainable Finance-team! Nordea’s Sustainable Finance team work with integrating sustainability into the bank and all business activities and products within our core areas of investment, financing and customer advice. To drive change towards a sustainable future, we also engage in dialogues at company and industry sector level as well as with stakeholders and standard-setters. For us, it is not enough to sit behind a desk and look at reports or public information. As part of our engagement and ESG analysis approach, we conduct field trips to improve our understanding of relevant issues and to get a closer view on how invest in companies are managing their social and environmental challenges. The Sustainable Finance-team also visit places and talk to experts on global challenges, to discover opportunities to address and create awareness. This is to make sure that our customers’ money is invested responsibly and to drive sustainable development.

Connect with Sasja on Twitter and Linkedin!

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