4 Oct 2018

Meet the Head of Sustainability at Scania

Sustainability is a natural part of the every day life at Scania. It's not just one person or even a team who works with sustainability - it's in their core business. Still, someone needs to take the wheel and steer the sustainability progress in the right direction. At Scania, that someone is Andreas Follér and we at the ASAP team are happy to introduce you to him! The following text is written by the people at Scania. 

Name: Andreas Follér
MSc in Social Science, University of Gothenburg 
Time at Scania: 3.5 years
What do you do at Scania? I coordinate the sustainability efforts at the corporate level, trying to make sure that we reach our ambition targets. First and foremost I try to support central functions as well as in the markets to develop and create engagement around sustainable transport solutions and responsible business practices.
What motivates you to work with sustainability? I can’t think of anything more meaningful to do with my time than to inspire and motivate people. For me, sustainability is a natural fit with any organization that aspire to capture the heart and minds of the smartest people of our time. I love to be in that space.

Connect with Andreas at Linkedin: Andreas Follér

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