24 Mar 2021

A roadmap that will support farmers in becoming more sustainable

Right now, our nine ASAP Leaders are divided into groups and working hard to solve the case that LRF presented to them about fossil-free farming. We had the pleasure to talk to one of the groups - Sofia Ellström, Adithya H. Vangari, and Alice Hedén to see how its going and what they are up to!

How are you guys solving the case?

We are working on a roadmap that will support farmers in becoming more sustainable. Today, a lot of fossil fuels are used in agriculture and the transition to reduced use is perceived as expensive and unprofitable. With our roadmap, we want to show how a farmer can reduce use but still make a profit through a number of different steps. The steps in the roadmap deal with change in different ways, where we start by looking at what the individual farmer can do in his everyday life and then step up and finish at a level that involves a high degree of collaboration from several different parties. Our slogan is "It should be easy to do the right thing" and the roadmap aims to make the changeover for each farmer easier to handle.

What have you learned from working with this case?

Respect and understanding of how complicated it is to run a farm. There are so many parts to consider when running a farm; the importance of making a profit, the need for cooperation and the problem of navigating laws and regulations that are not always entirely favorable to the individual farmer. Peter Borring, who is the farmer we have had the opportunity to work with, has given us an insight into his company and it has really been an eye opener on so many levels.