Sustainability, Competence & Collaboration

How can we empower young people to become sustainability leaders of tomorrow? In other words, those individuals that regardless of context or formal position, can and want to drive the sustainability agenda forward? Sustainergies and Ecolabelling Sweden saw the same urgent need - and potential -  to join forces for a larger collaboration around sustainability and competence. So we set out on a mission to inspire students to accelerate sustainable development and give them tools to succeed. ASAP was born!

The thing is, we already have crucial components for sustainability in place, which is great news: 

  • We know WHY it’s important - there is no plan or planet B!
  • We know WHERE we’re going - we have 17 state-of-the-art Global Goals in place!
  • We often know HOW to do it - many ideas and solutions are already there!

The question remains about WHO is going to get the job done? A large proportion of tomorrow's workforce are today’s students, enrolled in universities all over Sweden. They are the decision-makers, consumers, intra- and entrepreneurs and role-models of tomorrow.

Our dream is to foster and develop a goldmine of sustainability leaders. What if we could initiate something that will later become the common denominator for progressive doers and projects that make the world a better place - what’s not to get excited about?!



It takes practice to master new skills. So we created a unique sustainability accelerator program by combining a boot camp and a case competition together with amazing partners. Starting with a national campaign in September 2018, we will inspire and invite university students from all over Sweden to take on the challenge of becoming the future sustainability leaders and change agents we need! 

50 students will be selected to participate in the accelerator program, starting with the boot camp which will take place in Stockholm in November. Each partner will share their key insights about sustainability in practice and engage the participants in discussions and various workshops, including visits to the headquarters and meetings with key staff and management. Soon, the participants will be ready to take on their biggest challenge yet - working in teams to generate ideas on new ways for each partner to accelerate sustainable development and finally pitch their ideas in front of a live jury at a gala event in the end of November.

Are you game?

our founder

Sustainergies is a career platform for students wanting to drive change for sustainable development in their future professional roles. Founded as a non-profit organization by students for students in 2009, Sustainergies has since matched thousands of students with opportunities in different sectors - jobs, internships and projects. They have also successfully run the sustainability case competition Sustainergies Cup for 7 years, so ASAP is a next logical step towards the vision of making the Global Goals everybody’s go-to career goal!

Ecolabelling Sweden
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Ecolabelling Sweden

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is no longer a student. With almost 30 years of experience in guiding consumers to choose the environmentally best products and services and companies to produce them, it has made the Nordic region a role model in the global ecolabelling arena. Ecolabelling Sweden is a state-owned company responsible for both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel in Sweden. The mission is to save the world a little bit each day! ASAP is a part of the transformation to a next generation ecolabel, to educate and inspire tomorrow's sustainability leaders.