What is ASAP?

A Sustainability Acceleration Project - ASAP,  is an arena for students, companies, experts, and organisations to learn together and collaborate in accelerating the transition to a sustainable society. The arena includes an annual sustainability leadership training for students, created in partnership with relevant actors from different industries and sectors.

The Vision: To be the preferred arena for sustainability leaders to collaborate across disciplines and sectors.

The Mission: Empower students to become sustainability leaders by creating an arena for inspiration, collaboration across sectors and disciplines, and practical training together with partners from different industries.


We already have crucial components for sustainability in place:

  • We know WHY it’s important — there is no plan or planet B!
  • We know WHERE we’re going — we have 17 state-of-the-art Global Goals in place!
  • We often know HOW to do it — many ideas and solutions are already there!

The question remains about WHO is going to get the job done?

A major proportion of tomorrow’s workforce are today’s students. Our sustainability leadership training aims to empower students from all disciplines to drive the change for a better future. The gap between our knowledge about the ecological crisis and our collective behaviour needs to be addressed.

Change for the better is a massive team effort, the creation and implementation of new and more sustainable ideas, one by one. We see students as an obvious group to lead this team effort, because they are the future decision-makers, consumers, intra- and entrepreneurs, and role models.

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