In 2015, world leaders met at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and developed a plan for people, the planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. They developed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This has been called “the world’s most important to-do list” and it displays the direction in which the world should develop in order to become more sustainable. The 17 goals expand over social to economical to environmental sectors, and no goal should be prioritized over another. Each country must do what they can to fulfill the laid-out targets, but the goals are not just for countries! Companies, organizations and people need to team up in partnerships and work together. The future of the planet is too important to be left to a just few actors. Many companies and organizations have realized this and are already working every day to create sustainable innovations which will help achieve the 17 goals, but they want to accelerate the development! This is where ASAP comes in. A partnership project with responsible international companies who wishes to lead the development in the right direction, together with passionate and competent students. Through fruitful partnerships, we will reach the targets and achieve the goals.



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