The experience will be unique for each and every person, but it should go something like this:

Preparation - Now: You save the important dates in your calendar and you decide to apply - ASAP!

Selection - End of October: You find out that you’re one of the 50 selected ASAP participants. You probably jump with joy!

Education - Beginning of November: You board the SJ train to Stockholm for a 5-day sustainability boot camp. You meet your 3 teammates for the first time - and our amazing partners! Scania, Samsung and Nordea host one day each, on-site, and together we plunge in to the transport, finance and tech industry. And there are skills training, dinners, mingle and late nights too. All expenses covered by ASAP. Hopefully you’re totally in the zone during these days, eager to learn, challenge and share! It’s like you’re on an intense boot camp training program, but for your sustainability and interpersonal skills!

Ideation - Two weeks in November : You and your team got introduced to the case challenge back in Stockholm: “How can each partner accelerate efforts to achieve the Global Goals, using their core competencies and resources?”. Now it’s time for some creative problem solving with your team! Like life itself, it will probably go up and down but you’re high in spirits and you feel like you’re getting better at multidisciplinary and virtual collaboration.

Celebration - End of November: Back in Stockholm for a weekend. You fine-tune your solution and presentation to make it pitch-perfect. In the semi-finals one team per partner qualifies to the main event, the final pitch in front of the audience and jury on the gala on the 26th of November. The winning team are awarded 75 000 SEK, but all participants from the accelerator are celebrated as heroes with dinner and ceremony!


  • Interested in learning more about how we can accelerate sustainable development?
  • Currently a student in Swedish higher education system and have completed a full year or more of university studies?
  • Available to fully participate in the sustainability boot camp on November 6th-11th and the finals on November 24th-26th, early mornings to late evenings in Stockholm?
  • Happy that all your expenses will be covered?
  • Ready to compete in the case competition 75 000 SEK?

September 3rd

Application opens

October 7th, 23:59

Deadline for applications

November 6th–11th

Sustainability Boot Camp, Stockholm

November 24th–25th

Prepping for finals, Stockholm

November 26th

Semi-finals and final gala event, Stockholm

The application process


First step is easy peasy! Just click the button below and enter your email address.


Check your inbox for an automatic email and follow the link to the application form. You'll get a few question regarding your motivation to join ASAP, a personal reflection on sustainability and  leadership. Make it count and you might make it to the top 100 and the final round!

Deadline step 2 is October 7th 23.59, but you don't have to wait with your application.

We'll let you know by October 12th if you’ve made it to the third and final step.


For the final step you should make some room in your calendar between October 12th and 16th. If selected you’ll record a short video (fun right!?) where you answer a few questions and you'll also complete a problem-solving ability test.

Deadline step 3 is October 16th 23.59.

On October 23rd you’ll know if you’re one of the 50 excellent students chosen to participate, ASAP!


  • Eligibility: Currently a student in the Swedish higher education system and have completed a full year or more of university studies. Must also be fully available to participate in the boot camp and case challenge on site in Stockholm on all of the specified dates.
  • Motivation to join ASAP: We want you who passionate about accelerating skills, learning, sharing their insights, and are able to motivate why we should invest in you.
  • Team diversity: Our goal is to have the greatest possible diversity with respect to academic disciplines, experiences and gender. This plays an important role in our final selection and we believe collaboration and partnerships are crucial for sustainability.
  • Sustainability leadership potential: Everyone can work with sustainability and we hope to find the ones most likely to succeed! Read more below.


We dream big and aim to empower students from various fields of study to become sustainability leaders - individuals who can and want to drive the sustainability agenda forward, regardless of context or formal position. To explain better what we mean with sustainability leadership, we have boiled it down to six core competencies and qualities, developed from insights collected by Sustainergies and the executive search agency Mercuri Urval:

  • Ability to formulate a clear vision and set bold targets with a global and systemic mindset
  • Ability to get things done by engaging and inspiring others
  • Driven by curiosity and a desire to continuously look to learn and develop
  • Adaptability and the guts to try things out in a fast-moving and uncertain environment
  • Driven by cooperation and trust and being competent in cross-sector and cross-cultural settings
  • Courage and strong determination and the ability to put own ego aside

With ASAP, we hope to encourage and inspire the development of all these competencies and qualities! And we learn as we go, so if you have any thoughts on the definition of a sustainable leader we are happy to hear your thoughts!