ASAP's Sustainability leadership training
for students

The gap between our collective behaviour and our knowledge about the ecological and social crisis needs to be addressed. Sustainable change is a massive team effort, the creation and implementation of new and better ideas, one by one. We see students as an obvious group to lead this team effort, because they are the future decision-makers, consumers, intra- and entrepreneurs, and role models.

Our sustainability leadership training strives to empower students from all disciplines to drive the transition to a sustainable future.

Being a sustainability leader is to attempt to challenge any thought pattern, small or big, that is guiding us in an unsustainable direction. Sustainability leaders are driven by curiosity and a desire to learn, challenge, and improve. They are the individuals that regardless of context or formal position, can and want to drive the sustainability agenda forward.

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We dream big and aim to empower students from various fields of study to become sustainability leaders - individuals who can and want to drive the sustainability agenda forward, regardless of context or formal position. To explain better what we mean with sustainability leadership, we have boiled it down to six core competencies and qualities, developed from insights collected by Sustainergies and the executive search agency Mercuri Urval:

  • Ability to formulate a clear vision and set bold targets with a global and systemic mindset
  • Ability to get things done by engaging and inspiring others
  • Driven by curiosity and a desire to continuously look to learn and develop
  • Adaptability and the guts to try things out in a fast-moving and uncertain environment
  • Driven by cooperation and trust and being competent in cross-sector and cross-cultural settings
  • Courage and strong determination and the ability to put own ego aside

We hope to encourage and inspire the development of all these competencies and qualities! And we learn as we go, so if you have any thoughts on the definition of a sustainable leader we are happy to hear your thoughts!