Q: When can I apply for ASAP 2019?

In September! Stay tuned, there is more info coming soon!


Q: What do I need to pay for?

Nothing! We cover your travel costs and living expenses (hotel, food, public transport).


Q: What can I win?

If you qualify in the selection process you win an exclusive boot-camp experience with Samsung, Scania and Nordea, facilitated by Sustainergies and Ecolabelling Sweden. You also get to participate in the case competition, which includes a weekend of preparations in Stockholm, a gala event and a cash prize of 75 000 SEK for the winning team.


Q: Can I start to fill in the application and continue later?

Yes, as long as you finish before the deadline. This is useful if you don’t have the time immediately or want to update some answers.


Q: Do I classify as a ”student”?

You classify as a student if you are enrolled in a course/program at a Swedish public or private university, university college or in higher vocational education at any time during the fall semester of 2018. You do not have to be a full-time student.


Q: Can I apply even though I’m currently on a study break?

We will make a decision on a case by case basis. Contact us at hello@asap2030.com to discuss your situation.


Q: What are the questions that I need to answer in my application?

You will be asked to provide your motivation to join ASAP and a personal reflection on sustainability and leadership. You can start the application to see the questions and finish later!


Q: How do I win?

The winner will be selected by a highly qualified panel of experienced judges. All information on the final challenge and rules will be announced during the Sustainability Bootcamp.


Q: If I’m not selected to participate in ASAP, will I get feedback on what I could improve

We will provide general feedback on the selection process and give a detailed reflection on why the selected participants succeeded in the process. Unfortunately we cannot give personalized feedback to any applicant. If you have general feedback or questions about the process we’ll be happy to answer. Pop us an email at hello@asap2030.com.


Last updated: 2018-09-03