ASAP 2019

ASAP 2019 is still in a planning stage, but don’t worry, it’s definitely happening! Applications open in September, and in the months leading up to it we will tell you all about our grand new ambitions for this year.

We are very proud of the 48 students who worked with us in 2018 to accelerate sustainable development, and if you want to learn more about the solutions they presented and everything else that happened, look up ASAP 2018 here on the website. All of the 2018 participators said they would recommend ASAP to other students!

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Ecolabelling Sweden
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Ecolabelling Sweden

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is no longer a student. With almost 30 years of experience in guiding consumers to choose the environmentally best products and services and companies to produce them, it has made the Nordic region a role model in the global ecolabelling arena. Ecolabelling Sweden is a state-owned company responsible for both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel in Sweden. The mission is to save the world a little bit each day! ASAP is a part of the transformation to a next generation ecolabel, to educate and inspire tomorrow's sustainability leaders.

our founder

Sustainergies is a career platform for students wanting to drive change for sustainable development in their future professional roles. Founded as a non-profit organization by students for students in 2009, Sustainergies has since matched thousands of students with opportunities in different sectors - jobs, internships and projects. They have also successfully run the sustainability case competition Sustainergies Cup for 7 years, so ASAP is a next logical step towards the vision of making the Global Goals everybody’s go-to career goal!


We dream big and aim to empower students from various fields of study to become sustainability leaders - individuals who can and want to drive the sustainability agenda forward, regardless of context or formal position. To explain better what we mean with sustainability leadership, we have boiled it down to six core competencies and qualities, developed from insights collected by Sustainergies and the executive search agency Mercuri Urval:

  • Ability to formulate a clear vision and set bold targets with a global and systemic mindset
  • Ability to get things done by engaging and inspiring others
  • Driven by curiosity and a desire to continuously look to learn and develop
  • Adaptability and the guts to try things out in a fast-moving and uncertain environment
  • Driven by cooperation and trust and being competent in cross-sector and cross-cultural settings
  • Courage and strong determination and the ability to put own ego aside

With ASAP, we hope to encourage and inspire the development of all these competencies and qualities! And we learn as we go, so if you have any thoughts on the definition of a sustainable leader we are happy to hear your thoughts!