Ecolabelling Sweden

Since 1989, Ecolabelling Sweden has supported and guided consumers and producers in becoming more environmentally conscious. The goal is to reduce the overall environmental impact of production and consumption as much as possible. As Ragnar Unge, Chairman of Nordic Ecolabelling Board of Directors say, ”We see that the work of the Ecolabelling Sweden aligns with many of the global sustainability goals. We want to help companies, buyers, and consumers to contribute to meeting the goals by producing and prioritising products carrying the Nordic Swan”. ASAP is a part of the transformation to a next generation ecolabel, to educate and inspire tomorrow's sustainability leaders!


Why was Ecolabelling Sweden founded?

We were founded by the Nordic Council of Ministers 30 years ago with the mission to be a tool and power for sustainable choices, both for consumers and organisations. Today we work for the Swedish government with the responsibility for The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and The EU Ecolabel in Sweden. Our mission is to contribute to Sweden’s overall consumer policy objectives, i.e. “well functioning consumer markets and environmentally, socially and economically sustainable consumption.”

In what way are we sustainability leaders?

As one of the world’s biggest ecolabels we have a leading role. Until today we have labelled over 20, 000 products and services within over 80 different product groups, and in over 60 industries. And our organisation is constantly growing. We are a house of experts with 159 employees in the Nordics who possess different expert knowledge within sustainability. Together, we help companies produce sustainable and environmentally oriented products and services with our criteria and help consumers to make the best sustainable purchases. We also work with inspiring people to a sustainable lifestyle.

Why did we start ASAP with Sustainergies?

Sustainergies has over 10 years of experience connecting students and the business sector. We have over 30 years of experience working with helping companies producing sustainable goods and services. Both parties agree on that we are stronger together. Together we founded ASAP because we see university students as tomorrow’s public procurers, sustainability leaders, employees, and consumers. We want to strengthen our relationship with students by increasing their knowledge about us and we want to learn from them.

Why is it important to train future sustainability leaders?

We are sure that the companies of today and those in the future need competent people who can act as driving forces for sustainability. We believe that with ASAP we can add knowledge, and at the same time create engagement and enthusiasm about sustainability so that more students want to work with these questions.

What can students expect from us during ASAP?

The students will receive knowledge and inspiration, as well as concrete tools about how they can think and act with regards to sustainable development. Foremost within the industries that are represented at this year’s ASAP. They will also get knowledge and support from us through sustainability coaches during the ASAP event.  


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