1 Nov 2019

Changing mindset with Accenture

There are incredible technological advances happening across all industries to help us establish a sustainable future. But these technological advances cannot work on their own; businesses and consumers need to change their approach to certain aspects of everyday life. These changes do not need to be bad or make life uncomfortable, but they will require us to think differently. But how can we do that? What needs to change? Who needs to do what? Tough questions to answer, but luckily, we have some experts who are already making this happen! We have spoken to Lina Olofzon at Accenture to understand what is already happening to create a sustainable world.

Lina has been with Accenture for 5 years and is working in a part of the company called Accenture Interactive. At work she is helping businesses to improve their customer experience, from developing new digital products to personalization in e-commerce areas. That has given her a broad experience of interacting with customers and working with tech and business. In her job she has interactions with a diverse set of businesses, and she drives change across many industries and ecosystems.

One of the largest shifts she highlights is the need to incorporate sustainability into the core of the businesses, not just having it as a side service. Businesses need to be open to constantly learn and keep learning! New research is being published all the time and the world is constantly changing; learning and adapting new business ideas is important to keep moving.

According to Lina, sustainable practices are key to a more profitable businesses, satisfied customers, and happier employees. She has seen many Swedish businesses that are already making changes and have very ambitious environmental goals. “They don’t just look at their own businesses. They are including their partners and supplier’s environmental footprint in their goals as well.”

The need to work together to face climate change, one of the most pressing issues of our time, is the reason why Accenture puts sustainability high on their agenda. But it’s not just businesses that need to make change, consumers can make change happen too.

“What customers value are, naturally, very important to businesses and the choices they make. Consumers can encourage businesses to act more sustainable, says Lina. By working together, businesses, consumers and governments, we can accelerate change.”

What about us students, can we make a difference? “Yes!” says Lina. “My personal view is that students often have more knowledge about sustainability than some employees who have been with the company for years. Share your ideas and have the courage to put them forward. Keep asking questions about sustainable issues, as a consumer and student now, and in the future as an employee. Stay curious and keep learning.”

Circumstances and research are changing all the time and the topics we are dealing with are complex. There are no simple answers. Being creative and courageous to try out new ideas, test new things and to learn new practices will be essential to find good solutions.

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