24 Sep 2018

Career paths at Samsung

The ASAP team has had the privilege of meeting many people at Samsung and we’re impressed by the passion and go-ahead spirit of its employees. We’re happy to share some of Samsung’s own reflections on the topic as they introduce two young professionals working at the company. Enjoy!

As a company, talent and passion power everything we do. At Samsung we take pride in our employees’ creativity, diversity and relentless drive to innovate. Our working environment is open and encourages cooperation, which empowers co-workers to share their unique knowledge and expertise. It is a place where you work with amazing people and where your ideas can come to life. Each individual plays an important role in making new technologies available to the world that improve people's lives. Employees have the opportunity to work with things that really matters and positively impact the world.

Thomas Holmberg, Nordic HR Director, Samsung

“What makes Samsung unique is that employees with good ideas usually gets to realize them. SAMSUNG HAS RESOURCES AND USE THEM FOR OPEN INNOVATION BY CO-CREATING WITH EMPLOYEES, BUSINESS PARTNERS, ORGANIZATIONS AND SPECIALISTS FROM DIFFERENT AREAS. Moreover, employees generally get great responsibility very fast”

While Samsung employs over 70 000 people working with research and development (R&D) and 50 000 software developers worldwide in order to secure state-of-the-art products and development, Samsung Nordic is a sales- and marketing branch that mostly employs co-workers with backgrounds in sales, marketing, business and communication. Let us introduce two of our fantastic co-workers, Johanna and Pontus, who have done individual journeys within Samsung, getting great responsibility very early and have had their ideas realized! They are both examples of employees with roles that might not be typically top-of-mind sustainability related, but definitely is needed in the sustainability field; we need smart communicators to get important stories across and bright data analysts to collect insights in order to make sure to meet the needs of the people and planet.

Johanna Fredriksson, 27

Johanna holds a bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication sciences from Luleå University of Technology and has a background from the event and television industry where she worked in roles such as project manager, coordinator, researcher and content producer. One year ago, she started her Samsung career as Communication Coordinator in the PR- and Communications team and six months ago, she was promoted to Nordic Junior PR Officer.

What is your role at Samsung?
In my role within PR for telecom, I have the opportunity to work closely with our Nordic PR agencies – in a creative and coordinated way with everything from product launches and press activities to influencer cooperations around the Nordics.

How are your ideas and initiatives encouraged?
I get encouraged and inspired to share ideas every day from my colleagues and team which is a great feeling. I really feel confident to share new ideas and thoughts about everything from our work environment and specific projects to sustainability related questions.

Why did you choose the tech industry?
I was curious about the tech industry from a communication angle, especially Samsung as a global tech lead company. The fact that the tech industry is constantly evolving really attracted me. My next goal at Samsung is to continue to developing my role as Nordic Junior PR Officer for Telecom and the strategic PR work inside a global business as Samsung.

Pontus Lindskoog, 26

Pontus has a bachelor’s degree in business from Uppsala University and in August 2017 he started as a graduate in Samsung’s Graduate Program. After finishing the program, Pontus continued his Samsung journey as Digital Analyst in the Nordic Consumer & Market Insights team.

What is your role at Samsung?

In my role, I work together with all our different product categories and divisions, from washing machines to smartphones, from sales to sustainability, which makes every week unlike the other. I have learned a great deal about working with analysis and activation of insights based on market trends and consumers point of view. It’s an exciting area to work within that is becoming more and more important in a consumer centric world where brands both have to be aware about where the market is heading and responsive enough to act on it.

How are your ideas and initiatives encouraged?

By working at one of the largest companies in the world it’s easy to disregard the contribution of one person but by working on a local level it’s amazing how much of an impact you can do at Samsung. From the start this company’s open mindset has encouraged ideas from everyone (including me), regardless of seniority.

What is the best thing about working at Samsung?

To be part of a company that is leading the way of technological innovation and enabling people to truly do what can’t be done.  Being at the start of my career I want to develop as much and fast as possible, which for me, is possible by working with something that I’m really passionate about and surrounding myself with inspirational people every day. You never stop learning in an organization like Samsung that is operating in one of the most fast-developing industries.

Written by: Samsung Electronics Nordic

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