3 Oct 2018

Future sustainability leaders gathered at Norrsken House!

On October 1st, ASAP hosted an exclusive event at Norrsken House for 120 guests. Students from 12 academic disciplines and 20 different universities got to meet with our team and partners. The purpose of the evening was to engage in dialogue on sustainability leadership and how we can accelerate sustainable development together, so let us recap some of the highlights for you!  

The atmosphere was buzzing right from the start. The students had some delicious plant-based tacos and when the room was full with people and energy, it was time for a short presentation of the ASAP accelerator and Partner Talks. Sara Bergman from Eco labelling Sweden shared some thoughts on collaboration and Victoria Hellsten from Sustainergies explained the plans for the bootcamp and revealed that the first price in the case challenge is 75 000 SEK to the winning team.

“...we need to rethink, relearn and challenge the system to accelerate sustainable development”

In the following partner talks, different sectors and generations came together to discuss sustainability and leadership - in other words SDG #17 in action! Rebecka Carlsson, ASAP’s Head of Student Experience, moderated the dialogue and digged deeper into what role each partner have in accelerating sustainable development and why students play an important role. Throughout the dialogue partnership and collaboration was one the most prominent theme. Andreas Follér, Head of Sustainability at Scania, established early on in the discussion that we need to rethink, relearn and challenge the system to accelerate sustainable development. This mindset permeated the entire evening. Anna Rydén from Samsung continued with what she believed to be an important quality for any sustainability leader - a global and holistic mindset - “we need to connect the dots to the bigger picture”, she said. The partners agreed of the importance of collaboration to use our combined knowledge and power to make a change. The Partner Talks resulted in a Q&A with the audience and discussions followed on questions ranging from differences in sustainability challenges between countries to the more philosophical question “what is sustainability?”. The latter was answered by Fanny Sjödin, Sustainability expert at Nordea, saying that sustainability has as many definitions as number of people on the earth, sustainability is how we produce, how we live, how we consume and how we travel. It’s for the future generations but also for all of us to be equal. After the Q&A everybody stayed to mingle and carry on the discussions for a long time, before heading home with new ideas and perspectives.   What we learned from the evening is that we need to put our minds together, make bold decisions, be creative and remember that we are all interlinked and inseparable, just like the Global Goals. Large companies may be positioned to use their power and influence to accelerate sustainable development, but they also need to be pushed and challenged. They need students with passion and drive, ASAP! All event photos where taken by the amazing "Lindblom photography": http://www.sofialindblom.com

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