14 Feb 2019

A background story of ASAP

A few of us who are managing ASAP sat down and looked back at the accomplishments of everyone involved last year, to conclude on what we want to achieve in 2019!

In 2018 we launched ASAP, a sustainability acceleration project. We wanted to engage students in the sustainability work already carried out by large companies, and provide a learning platform for making great impact in the future. Because we need to cultivate and enable young potential now, since the urgency of finding new sustainable pathways is only growing in every industrial sector and part of society.

Our project consists of a sustainability leadership training for university students, aiming the attention at human capabilities necessary for driving change. We were happily overwhelmed by the interest among students to take part in this program, as hundreds of applications came in for our first ever run! However, we could only fit a limited number of participants, so we went through a comprehensive process to carefully select only 48 ambitious students.

In last October we gathered 12 teams of four students each for the first time. From the moment all students came together in one place there was an overcoming sense of wanting to contribute and learn from each other. Together with our amazing partners for 2018 — Nordea, Samsung and Scania — we engaged  the student teams in as much exchange of ideas and knowledge as we could fit in a week.

At the end of each day we sat down together to reflect on our new impressions and insights, making it apparent just how much ambition and knowledge the group of students had collectively. Coming from diverse backgrounds and with educations in a wide range of disciplines, we shared thoughts and reflections with a common aim of crafting ideas on sustainability. It was SO powerful!

Quotes from ASAP students

“Everyone had their own background and view on sustainability, which opened so many new doors and interests.”

”It was a fantastic and life-changing experience that made me learn a lot not only about sustainability but also about myself and the impact I want to have.”

At the end of the training every team presented impressive solutions on how each partner can use their core competencies and resources to accelerate sustainable development. In their audience were chief officers and senior personnel from the respective company they had been chosen to work with, some of whom they had also been in contact with during the ideation process. It all culminated in a grand celebration of the students for their dedication to driving sustainable change into the future, an evening none of us will forget!

Although, even in the light of these inspiring ideas presented by our teams last year, our mission of empowering students does not conclude with a production of specific solutions. We initiated this project to create a goldmine of sustainability leaders. By offering a training where learning is enabled through practice, we strive to empower talents to drive necessary change within companies, organisations, and communities towards a more sustainable future. Therefore, we are bringing ASAP into 2019 along with a strong determination to grow and improve!

This year we count on receiving even more applications, and therefore hope to accept more students to the training in collaboration with a larger number of partners. Our focus remains on providing the students with a high-quality learning experience that opens up a path for them to continue working with sustainability. ASAP's 2019 sustainability leadership training for students will give every participant a unique opportunity to access current knowledge and impact tomorrow’s line of thought when it comes to sustainability and leadership.

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